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The Art of Oriental Medicine

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The practice of oriental medicine, or Acupuncture as it is known in the West, has a long and dynamic history which began to take form nearly 5000 years ago.

Oriental medicine incorporates a variety of interrelated and highly effective modalities into a medical system which treats each individual as a whole entity, rather than simply treating “diseases”.


Eastern Vs Western Medicine

The Attitude

Doctors of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) have a different attitude towards their patients than those in the West. It is as if they “feel guilty” or “responsible” for their patients’ well-being.

In long-ago times in many small villages in the Orient, there would often be only one doctor for miles around. His job was to keep people well. So if someone came to him because they were ill, his first act was to bow to them in “apology”, as it was he who was supposed to prevent their dis-ease (unless due to accidents or acute illness).

Imagine this attitude in Western medicine .. where millions of dollars are made from people being sick!


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Acupuncture Works

The first of its kind “Patients’ Own Words” research project tells us what acupuncture users nationwide think of their treatment. Do they get what they came for? What do they think of their practitioners, the cost, and more? The results are in:

In a nationwide survey of acupuncture patients:

  • 91.5% reported “disappearance” or “improvement” of symptoms after acupuncture treatment
  • 84% say they see their doctors less
  • 79% say they used fewer prescription drugs
  • 70% of those recommended for surgery said it was no longer necessary

These are just a few of the extraordinary findings in the largest survey to date of acupuncture patients.

The first results are the product of more than four years of research. At six clinics in five states, 575 people participated and nearly all of them reported that acupuncture helps them feel & function better.

Respondents also reported that they were very satisfied with acupuncture care, cost and with their individual practitioners. Many also said that they were saving money on their overall heal-care costs.